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Best sites to buy modafinil online

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Ufone call packages, daily, weekly and monthly packages.

ufone call packages

Ufone provides the best call packages to their users. Ufone call packages comes with many different plans including daily, monthly and weekly. As all we know that ufone is the biggest telecom company of Pakistan. In our previous article we talked about zong call packages. Now today we will show you the list of all packages of ufone. 

Ufone is providing their best services to an huge number of people. So, in order to keep their quality of services, they are polling all the stops to hold sway in the telecommunication market.

So here are the list of all the ufone packages. These Offers includes hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly packages. All you need to do is just follow this article completely, select and activate the offer you want.

Ufone call packages

Ufone 24 Ghantay Offer:Dial *2424# for activation
Get Ufone, PTCL, Vfone free call for 24 hours
Charge 11.99 plus tax

PTCL to UfoneDial 1236 for this offer activation
Get Unlimited call PTCL to Ufone
Charges of this offer 150 plus tax for per month

Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar Offer:Dial *5050# for activation
Get 5000 MB Mobile internet
Get 5000 Ufone to Ufone Minutes
Get 5000 SMS for all Telecom connection
Charges 60 Plus Tax
Validity 5 days

Ufone Super Sasta Package:Dial *5678# for activation
Get low rate 85 Paisa plus tax per 30 seconds
Validity 24 hours

Ufone 24 Ghantay Offer:Dial *2424* for activation
Charges 11.99 plus tax
Free Call for U to U 24 Hours
Other charges 10 Paisa plus Tax for per call

Ufone Super 5 Offer:Dial *5252# for activation
Get Unlimited SMS for network
Get Ufone PTCL and Vfone free minutes from 5AM to 5 PM

Ufone 30 Paisa Offer:Dial *3030#
Just Maintain your balance 30 in your mobile
Per call charges 30 Paisa per 15 second

Ufone Super Call Offer:U to U free calls for 24 hours
Charges 3.89/ Hours Without any daily charges
For Activation Dial *45#

Ufone One Rate:Dial *444* 1# for activation
Through SMS activation type 1 and send it on 444
Ufne to Ufone RS 2 Min for 24 hours
Ufone to other mobile network or PTCL 2Min for 24 hours
Ufone to international Standard rate apply for 24 hours

Ufone Din Bhar Plus Offer:For activation Dial *445#
Get Unlimited call U to U and PTCL, Vfone
Charges 7.00 included all tax
Offer timing 9am to 5pm
10 Paisa plus tax will charge

Ufone 3 pe 3 Offer:Dial *343# for activation
Get unlimited call for PTCL or Vfone Connection
Charges after 3 hours next 3 hours call rate is 3 plus tax

So, above are all the call packages of ufone. Hope this article will help you to select you favorite package from the list.

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

SSG Commandos | special operation force of Pakistan army.


Brave sons of the nation the SSG Commandos.

The Special Service Group is the number one special operation force of Pakistan army.The SSG is a regiment-sized institution, and is based at Tarbela Cantonment. It is commandid by a Major General and divided into 8 battalions. Every battalion consist of 700 mens into 4 groups. Every group breakup into paltoons and then into team of 10 persons.

The Pakistan Ssg was created in 1956.That year, the 19 Baluch regment was selected for conversion to a special operation force.The 19th Baluch Regiment's first commanding officer was Lieutenant Colonel (later Major General) Aboobaker Osman Mitha and he commanded it with bravery for 6 years till 1961.The first commander of its Alpha Group was Major Gaideen Khan Abdullai Mahsud.Their preliminary training and orientation as regards techniques became primarily based on the usa special Forces sample with whom they co-operated intently inside the bloodless battle years. 

The Ssg commando initially had 6 companies and each company had specialization units. They are specialized in deserts, mountains, rangers, air, and in underwater warfare. The desert companies take part in training with US Army Special Forces Mobile Training Team in late 1964.

Now lets talk about the hard training of ssg commando first i will show you some pictures then u can easily understand that how much arduous training it is and  how many types of fear they have to face and in what type of condition they are trained to survive.

                    they are trained to survive in a very cold situation for several hours.
       they are trained to jump from plane at the height of 10,000 ft
                                            they are a very good snipers as well 

Their first period at cheerat easily help them to know that who is able to become a Ssg Commando because the training is too much tough here. They take a test from every solider who comes here to become an Ssg . And this is not a writing test it is totally based on physical excercises. The reason of this initial test is they want to know that how much this person can survive in difficult conditions, how long he can walk, how much he is able to carry a weight and climb up at mountains,from how many height he can jump without any fear all these things are evaluated in the first few days at Cheerat.
In Cheerat at unarmed combat complex the technique of judo karaty are taught to every person who have passed the first physical test. Because judo karaty are the part of self defense so the soliders are taughted that how to use the power of the enemy against him and how to snatch his weapon when you are unarmed.thats why this complex name is unarmed combat complex.

There are many pak army commandos videos on youtube and on other sites. I suggest you to watch some videos on pak ssg commandos training then you can eaisly understand the situations. The purpose of writing the article is to tell you some basics about ssg and how hard is the process to become a ssg commando.

Dramas online | Top sites to watch online dramas


Watch dramas online is the best way to overcome boredom. There are few online dramas sites that offers to watch dramas in HD print and many sites are just crap and contain viruses. But don't worry today I'll show you the list of some genuine sites where you can watch all dramas online without being infected by any bug and all of them allow you to watch dramas free of cost.

Nowadays there are so many great dramas on TV especially Pakistani serials. Over the past few years Pakistani serials have had a big success. Most of the dramas are produced in Urdu language and based on novels. Some are being produced in other languages such as Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi, Kashmiri and Pashto.

Some people tend to like Turkish serials. Turkish dramas are one the most popular in the world and has been translated into many languages. After United states, Turkey is the second biggest TV series exporter. Sixty five Turkish drama series have been sold internationally, bringing in over fifty million to the thriving Turkish television industry.

So you missed your favorite drama might be due to your gruelling schedule or maybe your T.V wasn't working. I perceive your problem and got a  solution for you.

Here are the top sites to watch dramas online.

So above is the list of sites where you can watch dramas online. There are so many sites you can find on google. But here i compiled some top sites for you.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Why Pak army is one of the best army in the world.


Pak Army is one of the best Army in the world. Pak Army have had a very beautiful history from his creation till presant day. It came into existence after the Independence of Pakistan in 1947.

The Pakistan Army was created on the 30th of June of the year 1947 from the division of the British Indian Army. Then soon to be created Dominion of Pakistan received six armoured, eight artillery and eight infantry regiments compared to the twelve armoured, forty artillery and twenty-one infantry regiments that went to India.

 International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) says that Pakistan army had an active force of approximately 640,000 active personnel and 500,000 reserve personnel as of 2015.

After Pakistan came into existence Pak Army , Pak Air Force and Pak Navy got involved in four wars with their neighbour country India and Sirkmishes the border with Afghanistan.

Recently, some major joint-operations has been undertaken by the Army of Pak include Operation Zarb-e-Azb Operation Toar-e-Tander (Black Thunderstorm) and Operation Rah-e-Nijaat (Path to Salvation).

The Pakistan armed forces has also been an active participant in United Nations peacekeeping missions, playing a major role in rescuing trapped US soldiers in Operation Gothic Serpent in 1993. Under Article 243 of the Constitution of Pakistan, the President is appointed the civilian Commander-in-Chief. The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), by statute a four-star general, is appointed by the President with the consultation and confirmation needed from the Prime Minister.

                     The Pakistan Army is currently commanded by General Raheel Sharif.

General Raheel Sharif have a very strong army background. He was born in Quetta a city of Balochistan Province. He belongs to a Rajpoot family having roots in gujrat the city of punjab. He is the son of (late) Major Rana Sharif.His eldest brother Major Rana Shabbir Sharif, was declared as the martyr of Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 by Pakistan and received Pakistan's highest military award Nishan-e-Haider. His other elder brother Caption Mumtaz Sharif also served bravely in Pakistan army and for his bravery he was awarded Sitara-e- Basalat. From his mother's side, he is nephew of Major Raja Aziz Bhatti, another Nishan-e-Haider recipient, who was declared as the martyr of Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 by Pakistan. He is married and has three children, two sons and a daughter.He is a very good reader and enjoys hunting and swimming.

Process to join army:


Many of the students who have passed their Matric, FA, FSc, BSc, Masters, MBBS and MBA and they have a desire to join PAK Army but may be they don,t know the proper way To Join Pakistan Army After FSC, Matric, Inter, BSC, Masters, MBBS & MBA. . Every citizen of Pakistan has strong feelings for Pakistan and desire to join PAK Army and want to serve nation, but some of them really not have any idea about exact selection procedure and this is the basic reason due to which not every men is able to be a part of Pakistan Army. So,here we provide you the complete information about the selection procedure and what are the basic requirements to be a part of Pakistan Army.

Those who had passed their Matriculation or Intermediate (FA or FSc) and want Join Pak Army must have age between (17 – 22 Years).

Those who had passed their Graduation and want to be a part of Pakistan Army must have age between (17 – 23 Years).

Those who had passed their Graduation (4 years programme) and willing to join Pakistan Army must have age between (17 – 24 Years).

Those candidates who are Masters, MBBS or MBA qualified and want to join Pakistan must have age of 28 Years.

InshaAllah in our next posts we will try our best to provide you complete Pak Army Information ,like what is the joinging process , what is the merit, what type of physical structure they like, about medical and intelligence tests. So stay tuned with our blog .. Pakistan Zindabad

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Zong call packages | 24 hours, weekly and monthly.

Zong call packages comes with the variety of  benefits. Whether you want  zong to zong free call or may be you need to make an international call. Zong would fit for all your needs.

Zong (China mobile Pakistan) is one of the biggest mobile network provider of  Pakistan. Providing their services to nation-wide. Zong currently have more than 25 million pakistani users and still increasing day by day.

It's providing their top-notch services to an enormous number of people. So, in order to maintain their quality of services, they are polling all the stops to hold sway in the telecommunication market.

They already have invested more than 2 billion dollars to construct their network with 6000 base stations. For providing 24/7 active network facility, they build their own solar powered stations which is Pakistan's largest telecommunication solar powered system.

What are the criteria for choosing best mobile network:

Quality of services:

Just ponder and ask your self  what type of services you expect from a mobile network. And i know that every one needs a reliable network service provider. Here are the key-point before choosing any network. 
  • call set up success rate
  • drop call rate
  • call completed rates and traffic channel congestion
  • network coverage
  • customer care services and any other relevant services
Zong has best quality among other networks.

Rates and packages:

Which company is providing  the best rates and packages, including call rates, internet rates and message packages. Everyone would agree with me that zong has best rates and call packages to offer to their customers.

Zong call packages

Zong provides best call rates for their users. And here you will find all the list of amazing call packages and how you can subscribe them.

Zong Flutter

Flutter Promotion @ Rs. 8/day+tax

If you are willing to subscribe a hourly call package then this deal is ideal for you. Here are the benefits you will get.
  • 90 free minutes
  • 100 SMS
  • Flutter Lounge
  • Women specific gifts every month up to 500,000 through Lucky Draw
  • Withholding tax of 14% applies on recharge/bill
  • 19.5% FED is applicable on usage in Punjab, KPK & Baluchistan. 18% FED is applicable in Sindh. 18.5% FED is applicable in rest of Pakistan.


Zong to ZongRs. 1.8/minute + tax (per minute pulse)
Zong to other networkRs. 1.8/minute + tax (per minute pulse)
SMS to any networkRs. 1.30/SMS + tax
Happy HourRs. 5 + tax per hour daily (flexible hours) only for one hour
Zong Friends & Family Numbers5 dynamic numbers (usage based) OR top 5 F&F from existing list in case of migrations
Zong Friends & Family RateRs. 0.35/minute + tax
MMSRs. 3/300KB
Mobile InternetRs. 18/MB

Zong economy package:

Network Price
Call Rate (All networks) Rs 1.8/min
SMS (All networks) Rs.1.30+tax
MMS (All networks) Rs. 3.00
Mobile Internet Rs. 18/MB
Unlimited SMS Rs. 2.50/day
Happy Hour Rs. 4.99 per hour
Friends and Family 5 Numbers
ZONG Friends and Family rate 50 Paisa+tax/30 Sec

  • Happy hour needs to be activated by the subscriber; every action/modification will be charged at Rs.5.
  • Friends and family rate apply for 24 hours, for those customers who have subscribed for happy hour, Friends and Family rates will not be applicable during that hour.
  • Happy hour can be modified once everyday.
  • Withholding tax of 14% applies on recharge/bill.
  • 19.5% FED is applicable on usage in Punjab, KPK & Baluchistan. 18% FED is applicable in Sindh. 18.5% FED is applicable in rest of Pakistan.


Please note that all calls will be automatically disconnected after 59 minutes.Call setup fee of Rs. 0.15 inc. tax is applicable.

Zong 20

Ladies and Gentlemen, we bring you ZONG 20, the prepaid package with 20 seconds charging pulse offering the best rates in the industry, with calls at 55 Paisas only. We promise to provide our customers with best services and offers that are transparent, simple and miles ahead of competition; just like ZONG 20 Package.

Charging Pulse20 Seconds
Voice: All networks in Pakistan55 paisa/20 secs
SMS: All networks in PakistanRs. 1.30/SMS
MMS: All networks in PakistanRs. 3/MMS
Mobile InternetRs. 18/MB
Friends and FamilyNot Applicable

Special offers (e.g. Happy Hour, 8 Aanay, LNO, BTO, Super Free, Unlimited Not Applicable

Users can subscribe by sending 'sub' to 931 or dialing 931 IVR

So these are the zong call packages you can subscribe to talk with your love ones.
To view ufone call packages click here.

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