Saturday, August 27, 2016

SSG Commandos | special operation force of Pakistan army.


Brave sons of the nation the SSG Commandos.

The Special Service Group is the number one special operation force of Pakistan army.The SSG is a regiment-sized institution, and is based at Tarbela Cantonment. It is commandid by a Major General and divided into 8 battalions. Every battalion consist of 700 mens into 4 groups. Every group breakup into paltoons and then into team of 10 persons.

The Pakistan Ssg was created in 1956.That year, the 19 Baluch regment was selected for conversion to a special operation force.The 19th Baluch Regiment's first commanding officer was Lieutenant Colonel (later Major General) Aboobaker Osman Mitha and he commanded it with bravery for 6 years till 1961.The first commander of its Alpha Group was Major Gaideen Khan Abdullai Mahsud.Their preliminary training and orientation as regards techniques became primarily based on the usa special Forces sample with whom they co-operated intently inside the bloodless battle years. 

The Ssg commando initially had 6 companies and each company had specialization units. They are specialized in deserts, mountains, rangers, air, and in underwater warfare. The desert companies take part in training with US Army Special Forces Mobile Training Team in late 1964.

Now lets talk about the hard training of ssg commando first i will show you some pictures then u can easily understand that how much arduous training it is and  how many types of fear they have to face and in what type of condition they are trained to survive.

                    they are trained to survive in a very cold situation for several hours.
       they are trained to jump from plane at the height of 10,000 ft
                                            they are a very good snipers as well 

Their first period at cheerat easily help them to know that who is able to become a Ssg Commando because the training is too much tough here. They take a test from every solider who comes here to become an Ssg . And this is not a writing test it is totally based on physical excercises. The reason of this initial test is they want to know that how much this person can survive in difficult conditions, how long he can walk, how much he is able to carry a weight and climb up at mountains,from how many height he can jump without any fear all these things are evaluated in the first few days at Cheerat.
In Cheerat at unarmed combat complex the technique of judo karaty are taught to every person who have passed the first physical test. Because judo karaty are the part of self defense so the soliders are taughted that how to use the power of the enemy against him and how to snatch his weapon when you are unarmed.thats why this complex name is unarmed combat complex.

There are many pak army commandos videos on youtube and on other sites. I suggest you to watch some videos on pak ssg commandos training then you can eaisly understand the situations. The purpose of writing the article is to tell you some basics about ssg and how hard is the process to become a ssg commando.


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